Full Analytics insights without compromizing privacy or details

You want to analyse your website without having to worry about privacy or the need for a consent pop-up?
Snoobi is that GDPR-compliant analytics platform. We give you full control over your analytics. We allow you to easily analyse your site without cookies, create own dashboards and reports, or let our specialist do this for you. Now with extended Summer 2024 Trial period!
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Easy access to your analytics

Advanced Web Analytics

Snoobi enables you to freely access your necessary analytics without privacy concerns. We ensure compliance and ease of access for your first-party data. Custom reports and dashboards simplify gaining valuable visitor insights.

Key features

Full GDPR compliance, no cookies
Easy access to actionable insights
No Data Sampling, retro-active settings
View visiting organizations
Privacy Manager
Analyse advertisements

Portals and Intranet analytics

Snoobi offers supplementary analytics for your portal or SharePoint® site, enhancing the efficiency by analyzing user engagement and navigation patterns. The capabilities extend beyond standard analytics, enabling you to measure various aspects, resulting in valuable insights that can be used effectively.

Key features

Engagement scoring model
Highlight improvement areas
Easy departemental reporting
Analyse all links and downloads
Plugin for SharePoint®
Customized portal analytics
Trusted by many public and commercial organizations

Client Quotes

With Snoobi, I get to talk directly the people working there and the service is in Finnish. It is also a customer-supplier relationship in a completely different way than if I take some free software and try to request a service. Now I can also influence the development of Snoobi based on my experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Snoobi Technology,” says Anne-Mari Mourukoski. “Their commitment to data privacy, combined with their analytics prowess, aligns perfectly with our mission. With Snoobi’s analytics empowering our websites like Kuntarekry, we’re confident in delivering enhanced value to our clients and the broader Finnish community."

We use Snoobi to see how much traffic is generated from Social Media, for example. Also so that we can test whether our Social Media policy is effective. With Snoobi we can properly measure the added value of all our online channels.

Snoobi provides an accurate level of tracking and we can direct our resources with this information. Once everything is set up, there is little need for support from Snoobi staff. The user interface is simple enough to pull statistics quickly.

We are always busy working for the expats, and at the same time we also need to keep track of companies that are looking for our services. That is why Snoobi Mobile is so useful. It is a very user-friendly app and we can quickly see which visitors came to our site that we need to contact.

Owner, Orange Homes

Snoobi provides us with a range of dependable and user-friendly reports that allow us to effectively track and analyse customer activities on our site. The tool is accessible and straightforward.

Manager Marketing & Communicatie

Snoobi makes my life easy. Every Monday morning, I receive automatically Snoobi reports. I can easily check the traffic to our web site from all aspects and which are the top pages visited. I also follow up how my campaigns are working. For our sales team we have a special report for their needs.

Arja Aminoff
Marketing Director, Superoperator

Snoobi provides excellent support for showing advertising results. As the number of visitors to our website grows from a certain city, we can take it that advertising in that city has turned out to be effective. But if we know that advertising has started, and the number of visitors has not increased as expected, we need to analyse this and invest more in advertising.

Snoobi is a good and easy-to-use analytics tool that provides us with clear reports that we use, for example, to develop our website.
Snoobi's support services work flawlessly and we can always rely on getting help without delay and if there is any problem there is always a solution.

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