Why Snoobi

Snoobi Analytics originated in Finland in 2004 as a web analytics tool, designed to examine visitor interactions on your website. Over time, we have collaborated extensively with our clients and partners to introduce numerous supplementary functions. Our ultimate objective is to offer services that yield practical and valuable insights from your website traffic, all while upholding the principles of user privacy.

Why Snoobi Analytics

It can be difficult to select the right tool to use for your web statistics.
Requirements are more than check marking a long list of features and functions.
What you need is a tool and a vendor that satisfies your needs of today and grows with you as circumstances, your website and requirements progress over time.
Based on the feedback from users we created an overview of our benefits and why they selected Snoobi as their analytics tool.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Snoobi

  • Our services include real-time monitoring of website visitors and analyzing their behavior.
  • Snoobi offers user-friendly reporting tools that are accessible to all users, enabling them to quickly gain actionable insights into their online statistics.
  • Snoobi Dashboards cater to the essential metrics required by various departments in your organization, without the need for technical expertise or analytics specialization.
  • Your website provides valuable information about visiting organizations, allowing you to identify potential leads through visit scoring.
  • The Snoobi Datafeed allows users to access analytics data without using programmatic API calls. Data can flow into BI-tools or spreadsheets.
  • The pricing is attractive, without hidden charges for hosting or support services. Additionally, discounts are available for non-commercial use.
  • You can adjust any setting in Snoobi retroactively, so reports include all collected data without any loss, combining, or sampling of the data.


  • Solutions for portals and intranet tools such as Microsoft SharePoint® optimize analytics reports for these environments.
  • Our approach emphasizes flexibility and customization options.
  • The data collected is compliant with all privacy regulations. It is securely stored on European servers and is never shared with anyone except the client.
  • A convenient mobile app tracks key website metrics and visitor data without requiring users to log in to Snoobi.
  • The e-commerce solution provides comprehensive analytics that go beyond traditional web shop metrics.
  • For data collection, we offer full granular control over user data collection and privacy, including the ability to enable cookie-less tracking so you can analyse 100% of your traffic.
  • Snoobi offers phone support to all clients, including onboarding. We provide training, implementation assistance, and consulting as needed.
  • The experienced Snoobi Analytics team has successfully implemented numerous solutions and is eager to share their 15+ years of web analytics knowledge for your benefit.