Snoobi Starter Service

The Snoobi Starter Service is an implementation element chosen by many to quickly come up to speed.
You may have used Google Analytics or another analytics tool before, and you need some assistance to transfer the settings and reports.

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Our guided Snoobi Starter program ensures that not only you, but also all your co-workers or other stakeholders get the most of what Snoobi Analytics can offer that is different from other tools, starting from Day 1! 
If you are working with one of the Snoobi Partners, then one or all elements of the steps below may be handled by them as they have a good view on your business needs.

Snoobi and Migration Starter Service - Steps

1 | Online Intake

During an online meeting we determine what’s important to you and others in your organization. What metrics are important, what are the reports that allow you to analyze campaigns and optimize your website. We discuss the privacy-sensitive settings. We turn this intake into a short report.

2 | Setup Snoobi

Based on the report created in Step 1, settings and adjustments are made to the way Snoobi Analytics presents the data to you.
Because Snoobi use all raw data collecte, the reports and the settings are applicable to all historic data. We share this step with you so you can make adjustments as needed

3 | Create Reports

Now that all settings are optimized the first reports are created. Based on the intake in step 1 build, we create a number of reports and briefly discuss them online with you so that you can specify where necessary whether the reports should be sent to employees regularly or only available online.

4 | Snoobi Training

The training is online, and can be held for up to 6 people. We cover the main parts of Snoobi that are important to users, menu items, creating and using filters, and custom reports. Where necessary, we can extend this training into a detailed training for administrators.

5 | Follow-up care

We will be working with you to determine a good time to review all settings and reports after a few weeks or months and make minor adjustments where necessary.
If needed, we can also offer this to become a regular review process

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