Advanced analytics

Snoobi Analytics provides a number of ways marketers can use the analytics metrics provided by the Snoobi tool to their benefit and enables them to visualize campaign progress and identigy improvement areas for any management level within the organization.

Why Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics means more than having a simplified view on visits to your company’s website. You need to focus on the results, not on the technical aspects of showing the right data. Effective marketers need Advanced Analytics to determine performance and to identify areas of potential improvement. And that is difficult if not all session detail is available and the marketing metrics cannot work on the historic data if settings and conditions change.

It is time to analyse more than only a portion of your visitors

The no-cookie or storage solution in Snoobi means you can analyse 100% of all users of your website. You do not lose a large chunk of your analytics because many users do not click the Cookie consent button.

Low Latency, real-time metrics

It is not sufficient to see metrics hours after an event happened on your website. You do not want to wait long before you see the first results of your advertising or e-mail campaign. Snoobi provides close to real-time data which enables you to react quickly and see initial results immediately.

Concise and complex dashboards and reports

Once you determine the required metrics for analysis, they can be easily accessed with a single click. You can create, utilize, share, and subscribe to multiple dashboards. These dashboards allow for the creation of complex or simplified reports, whether they cover various sites and campaigns or focus on a specific topic. Additionally, if the default reports don't meet your requirements or you wish to combine Snoobi data with other data elements, the Snoobi DataFeed offers a straightforward method to obtain data in json or csv format.

Flexible settings and segmentation

Snoobi Analytics eliminates the need for external consultants for the standard analysis by allowing marketers to personally manage segments, filters, and settings. All collected data is stored in a database, enabling retroactive adjustments without any data loss. This efficient approach ensures quick implementation and allows for on-demand changes at any point.

High Quality metrics

Connecting analytics to action enables you to achieve your goals. A goal can be either simple, like a conversion rate for completed contact forms or shopping carts, or more complex, such as understanding how engaged different segments of your target audience are. With Snoobi Analytics, every online action and visitor parameter (location, actions taken etc.) can be scored so that you know exactly what needs to be done in order for someone within your target group to become engaging. This insight is essential if you want take effective actions based on the data-driven insights available from Snoobi Analytics.

Training, Support and Service

The analytics specialists from Snoobi have more than 15 year experiece in setting up analytics solutions for customers and partners. You don't have to know every nook and cranny of the tool to get the results; we see it as our responsibility to ensure you have the metrics and data you need for maximum insight and actionability.