Snoobi Features

Features are important, but feature lists never tell the whole story. The value of any feature lies in what the actual benefit is to the user or organization who uses the Snoobi Data Platform.

That is one of the reasons why feature-by-feature comparisons between marketing tools hardly work. Here is a summary of the Snoobi Analytics features.

Snoobi features were developed over more than 15 years with the end-user in mind and are strongly influenced by actual usage patterns, our service interaction with clients and the needs of our partners.

Three unique Snoobi Analytics features

Snoobi has a valuable visitor session view that is not found in most analytics tools. This view allows you to review every action an visitor takes on your website, including every click and actiom. It's important to have this level of detail so decisions about your site content can be made correctly by multiple functions within your organization.
Snoobi Analytics can operate without cookies or any other form of storage in the users’ browser. That means you analyse 100% of your web traffic without privacy issues or the need for cookie consent.
The Snoobi Data Engine incorporates a hidden yet crucial function - the storage of all the raw data gathered. This function allows settings, filters, and reports to create customized views and dashboards without ever affecting the original data from your website visitors. This level of flexibility empowers you to modify and fine-tune settings like goals, page clustering, and segmentation filters at any given time. This level of flexibility is rare in web analytics tools.

A summary of the most used Snoobi functions

  • All the standard web analytics metrics and time comparison
  • Full GDPR-compliancy, analytics without cookies
  • No Data Sampling, every click stored and accessible
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Raw data collection, all settings retro-actively
  • Unlimited users
  • E-commerce Analytics for any checkout variable
  • Custom Reporting and dashboarding
  • Snoobi Datadeed for data-access without the need for API
  • Event-tracking (onClick, onMouseDown etc.)
  • Capture properties of each session (logins, actions etc.)
  • Real time traffic monitor
  • Removal of automated bot-traffic
  • Page Navigation flow report
  • Engagement scoring
  • Privacy Manager
  • Ad hoc queries over all available data
  • Campaign and advertising Tracking (UTM-codes)
  • LeadsProfiler showing details of visits by organizations
  • Automatic analysis of downloads and links
  • No limit to goals or other settings
  • Quick view using Mobile Snoobi
  • Portal- and Microsoft SharePoint analytics
  • Roll-Up Reporting for multiple domains or organizations
  • Visiting organization labeling and segmentation
  • KPI-reporting