Why cookieless analytics is important

One of the key reasons why Snoobi developed cookieless tracking is that it helps enhance user privacy, while still enabling analytics, providing our clients with the benefit of 100% accurate analytics data.
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Cookieless tracking vs. Google Consent Management

Enhancing Privacy and User Experience

Traditional cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on a user's device, can track online activities across multiple sites and collect personal information. This raises concerns about privacy breaches and potential misuse of data. However, with cookieless browsing, an organization can prioritize user privacy by minimizing the tracking and collection of personal information.

Additionally, analytics without cookies can lead to a better user experience. As users are becoming more conscious about their online privacy, they tend to appreciate websites that prioritize data protection. By offering cookieless browsing as an option, you can demonstrate commitment to user privacy, create a trusted environment and loyalty among your audience.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

Adhering to privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is crucial for businesses. These regulations outline the need for transparent data practices and user consent when handling personal information.

By implementing cookieless analytics, you can ensure compliance with these regulations. Cookieless tracking allows you to maintain a strong legal and ethical standing while still collecting valuable insights from web analytics. And when a visitor agrees to cookie storage, you can still collect the additional information.

Future-Proof Web Analytics

With the increasing evolution of the digital technologies, it's essential to adapt to emerging technologies. Cookieless analytics is at the forefront of this evolution, indicating a shift in the way web analytics is performed.

As more users become aware of the potential risks associated with traditional cookies, the demand for cookieless options is likely to grow. By embracing this trend early, you can future-proof your web analytics strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Cookieless tracking without fingerprinting

Today, privacy concerns are at the forefront for many users, and cookieless options have emerged as a crucial aspect of online user tracking. As cookies become less reliable in tracking user behavior, innovative methods like completely cookieless and no fingerprinting will gain traction.
There are clear differences between cookieless tracking and solutions such as the Google Consent Mode (Read this article about the differences)

How does cookieless analytics function?

Snoobi's cookieless browsing is a method to identify users without relying on traditional cookies or any other form of data storage.
Instead of storing data on a user's device, Snoobi analyzes various attributes and characteristics unique to each user's device, browser and predicts next page view without storing privacy-sensitive information.

Information is only maintained during the visitors' session, never stored on any system and since the method doesn't store any personal identifiable information, this is completely anonymous. This method allows a website owner to analyze 100% of the visitor behavior on the site without relying on cookie consent.

The benefits of cookieless analytics: three main points

  1. Enhanced Privacy: Unlike cookies, which can be easily cleared or blocked by users, cookieless browsing provides a more persistent tracking method. This means there are no concerns about privacy and user consent.
  2. Reduced Data Loss: As users become more concerned about their online privacy, cookie blockers and privacy settings are now commonly used. This leads to a loss of valuable data for businesses relying solely on cookie-based tracking. Cookieless analytics provides an alternative solution, ensuring that data collection remains effective even in the face of widespread cookie rejection.
  3. Improved Accuracy: Cookies can be easily deleted or blocked by users, rendering traditional tracking methods less reliable. Cookie-less tracking, on the other hand, provides a more accurate representation of user behavior as it is not reliant on cookies.

What is Snoobi Analytics?

Snoobi Analytics is a European-based powerful web analytics tool that helps businesses track and analyze user behavior on their websites. What sets Snoobi Analytics apart is its ability to track user data without relying on cookies, its real-time analytics, and retro-active settings on all stored raw data., exclusively maintained within the EU.
As a technology leader in web analytics, Snoobi has recognized the importance of cookieless tracking and has integrated this technology into its analytics platform. By adopting this advanced method, Snoobi Analytics enables organizations to accurately measure user engagement, conversion rates and other key metrics while respecting user privacy.

Snoobi Analytics: Your route to Effective Cookieless Tracking

Snoobi Analytics goes beyond cookieless tracking,  Snoobi leverages advanced temporary storage technology to track and users' behavior on the site without affecting privacy.

From page views and bounce rates to conversion metrics and names of visiting organizations, Snoobi Analytics provides valuable insights to drive data-informed decision-making.
In addition, businesses can access real-time data on user behavior. This allows for immediate insights into website performance, allowing to use analytics to identify opportunities for optimization


In conclusion, cookieless analytics is of utmost importance in today's analytics landscape. With the increasing concern over privacy and data protection, organizations and users are seeking ways to maintain their online security while still benefiting from web analytics. Snoobi Analytics offers a cutting-edge solution for cookieless tracking without the need for traditional cookies.

Through the elimination of cookies, businesses can establish a higher level of trust with their audience. Users are offered peace of mind knowing that information is not being collected. This level of transparency and respect for user privacy is vital for building a loyal user base.

To summarize, cookieless browsing with Snoobi Analytics offers a win-win scenario for both organizations and users. It prioritizes user privacy and security and still provides the necessary data. As we move forward, it is clear that cookieless tracking is the future of web analytics.