Snoobi expands cookieless analytics

In the latest update to Snoobi Analytics we have further improved the accuracy of our cookieless analytics option. Here is a summary of the benefits.
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Why cookieless analytics has important benefits

While Snoobi Analytics can still be used with 1st party cookies or session-only cookies, an increasing number of clients is relying on cookieless browsing and do not need to ask consent for cookies, thereby enabling 100% of traffic to be analysed.

Cookieless browsing is important for many reasons. Snoobi Analytics can help you maintain insight in your visitors and still be GDPR-compliant.

With the availability of cookieless tracking, Snoobi is a good alternative for Google Analytics. Especially in situations where less than 100% of actual visitors can be analyzed since they do not consent to cookie storage.
In the extended article, we'll explore more of the benefits of cookieless browsing for a website owner, how it can safeguard the personal information of your visitors, and how Snoobi Analytics can provide a secure and reliable solution.

Short summary of the extended article

Cookieless analytics is essential to protect users' privacy and prevent intrusive targeted advertising.

Snoobi Analytics offers a secure and reliable solution for cookieless tracking - without any form of fingerprinting. Snoobi still automatically recognizes any advertising code, organization names or social media traffic. And without changing your website as the 'no-cookie' setting can be done without the need to change the code on the website, simply by sending the request to Snoobi Support.

Using cookieless browsing creates a more respectful and privacy-centric online experience, while still providing all essential analytics metrics.

The importance of using cookieless analytics

In today's digital analytics landscape, where online privacy and data protection are serious concerns, cookieless browsing has emerged as a crucial aspect of web analytics. By understanding the significance of using cookieless analytics, businesses can ensure a secure and trustworthy online experience for their users.