Snoobi Update 2024-1

Snoobi regularly provides updates to our customers, and we are pleased to announce the launch of substantial enhancements to Snoobi Analytics, marking its initial update in 2024.

This latest update features enhanced accessibility to various metrics and introduces a new traffic flow panel (details accessible here). The update also include additional features for storing SEO metrics and bug fixes to enhance the user experience when dealing with critical metrics.

All enhancements are immediately available to all our customers and can be viewed in this knowledgebase document.


Session Properties

An innovative addition to Snoobi includes the option to save personalized visitor variables alongside the web visit session, enhancing the capability to categorize website interactions for a more detailed view on the actions of the  website or online store visitor.

Many of the measurements used in online data analysis rely on a visitor's activities throughout a browsing session.
In general web data analysis, a session denotes a sequence of engagements between a user and a site within a set timeframe. A session initiates upon a user's site entry and typically concludes after a period of idleness, transition to another site, or upon the user's browser closure. Snoobi already maintains a click-by-click flow of user actions during a visit session.

Session properties add elements to that session to enable filtering and segmentation on specific aspects of the session.


As this is a new concept for most of our customers, we created a White Paper on this subject. It comes complete with implementation details and examples on how to benefit.

The document can be downloaded from this link.