Snoobi Analytics 2024 spring release

The Snoobi Analytics tools is under constant development to optimize working with analytics metrics.
Today Snoobi Technology released the spring update of Snoobi Analytics.

Snoobi Analytics 2024 spring release

Today Snoobi Technology released the spring update of the widely used Snoobi Analytics tool.

This release adds an important new option to manage exported data from the system, as well as several options for report creators to more easily create and manage reports for their subscribers.

Data from the Google Search Console connector and SEO-parameters can now also be added to custom reports or dashboards, allowing users to share non-Snoobi Analytics metrics with their report subscribers and other co-workers.

The Snoobi Analytics no-cookie solution was updated to reduce the 'guesswork' of maintaining a visit session for analysis when users do not accept cookies.

More administrative settings options are now also automated, reducing the need for an administrator to manage many account parameters.

Over the next few months, work is ongoing on the next major Snoobi release, where we will introduce the Google Ads connector for landing pages as well as major rework on traffic source elements to reduce the 'direct traffic' issue.
That will enable Snoobi Analytics users to gain more insight into the actual domain, social media or other referrers that brings traffic to the website.

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