Snoobi integrates on-page SEO statistics from Seobility

Adding elements of the Google Search Console into the Snoobi metrics has been a success and we see more clients enabling this free addition to Snoobi.

The Google Search Console panels make it easy to add search data to Snoobi's report so it can be shared with users who otherwise have no access to this information.

It also makes it easy to create a filter on the Snoobi Analytics metrics for search-related pages, to review additional performance of these pages.

Why Snoobi adds SEO elements to the Snoobi Analytics metrics

Since SEO is still very relevant to gain and maintain the desired high position in search engines (view this article to find our more), Snoobi has teamed up with Seobility to also provide important on-page SEO metrics in a separate panel on a per-URL basis. On-page statistics can be collected for free, with a maximum of 50 unique URL’s daily.

Matthias Lugert, CEO of German-based Seobility about the cooperation:

"It is good to see the SEO panel in Snoobi. It provides some invaluable on-page SEO metrics that help evaluating pages from an SEO perspective and can support deeper understanding and optimization."


In addition to the on-page SEO metrics, keyword research plays a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO) as it helps in identifying the most relevant and effective keywords. Seobility, a comprehensive, European based platform, offers a wide range of powerful tools specifically designed for finding and keeping track of these important keywords and has many more tools to optimize your website content.

The SEO on-page metrics visible in Snoobi Analytics are important, but only one piece of the SEO-puzzle.
By utilizing the tools provided by Seobility, you can gain valuable insights into the search volume and competition of various keywords and you can monitor the performance of these keywords.

New in release 2024-1 is the ability to view the date and the results of the previous check.

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