Snoobi Analytics for major Finnish recruitment sites

Snoobi Technology and FCG Digital Oy, part of the Finnish Consulting Group collaborate to power the leading recruitment websites and with advanced web analytics.

More insight in analytics

Snoobi Technology  is excited to announce its collaboration, that started in the 4th quarter of 2023, with the esteemed FCG Digital Oy, part of the  Finnish Consulting Group to provide state-of-the-art analytics for top-tier Finnish websites, notably Kuntarekry ( and Kirkkorekry ( The partnership aims to provide unparalleled insights to advertisers and stakeholders, facilitating smarter decision-making and enhanced user experience.
Kuntarekry and Kirkkorekry, trusted names in the Finnish job market in the public sector, are dedicated to match top talent with opportunities in the public sector. With Snoobi’s cutting-edge analytics, the websites will be poised to better understand its audience and total website traffic, optimize user journeys, and offer advertisers precise and actionable insights on their advertisements.

“We are thrilled to partner with Snoobi Technology,” says Anne-Mari Mourukoski, Director of Services, FCG Digital Oy. “Their commitment to data privacy, combined with their analytics prowess, aligns perfectly with our mission. With Snoobi’s analytics empowering our websites like Kuntarekry, we’re confident in delivering enhanced value to our clients and the broader Finnish community. Snoobi Analytics is already widely used in the Finnish public sector, which supported our decision to enter a partnership.”

“Snoobi’s integration with Kuntarekry and Kirkkorekry exemplifies the future of web analytics,” says Charles Odinot, CEO, Snoobi Technology. “By working closely with the FCG Digital Oy, we are leveraging collective expertise to drive actionable results. Advertisers, in particular, will benefit from the specific reporting tailored to their unique needs. Snoobi’s cookieless analytics helps also FCG Digital and advertisers to see the complete traffic, which would not be possible with cookie-based analytics solutions.
”Moreover, in an age where data privacy is paramount, Snoobi assures all stakeholders that its analytics service is designed with data privacy safety at its core. The company is committed to adhere to strict global data privacy regulations, ensuring that both users and advertisers can trust the integrity and confidentiality of their data.”

Shared vision

The collaboration is a testament to the shared vision of Snoobi Technology and Finnish Consulting Group: driving digital excellence and fostering transparent, data-driven ecosystems.
This partnership marks a new chapter in Finnish web analytics, combining technology, expertise, and dedication to a common purpose.

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