Profile Digiteam - interview Antti Kärki

Snoobi Technology is working with a growing number of partners in Finland, who support their customers with online marketing services and the use of Snoobi Analytics. They assist these clients by measuring and improving the results of their online activities. One of the Finnish Snoobi Partners is Digiteam and we had the opportunity to interview them.


Antti Kärki is the CEO of Digiteam and one of its founding members. Digiteam offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, from strategy building to operational marketing implementation.

Antti tells how, after his studies in economics and working in online advertising, the original Snoobi became a part of his career, before Digiteam signed up as a Snoobi Technology partner: “I worked for Snoobi Oy starting in 2006 as a sales and marketing manager. As the company grew and services diversified, I began to build expert services in the use of analytics. I recruited and trained people for these roles, and I worked at Snoobi until 2013. Then I started my own digital marketing business and a few years later we set up Digiteam with former Snoobi-colleagues. What makes us different from the average digital agency is that we have a good understanding of the customer and where the business results really come from – this is all because of our strong background in analytics. We provide services to a wide range of customers, large and small, as well as a wide variety of industries

When will analytics turn into tangible benefits?

"Measurement should always be driven by objectives", Antti continues. “Numbers and graphics don’t tell you anything if no targets have been set. Secondly, you need to understand where the results come from so you can influence how you reach your goals. The third thing is that you need to have the resources to react to the statistical and analytics metrics and make changes to get better results.”

What should you invest your marketing budget in?

Antti points out: “Organizations should start doing a holistic and planned digital marketing project. For example, if an agency is hired to do Google advertising, after a certain optimization cycle, no further development or improvement can be expected. This is not the way to develop all online advertising. Also, people's online behavior is not limited to one channel, but you should look at the website and all the different communication channels at the same time; and it is worth looking at some offline aspects as well.

Customer orientation

Antti emphasizes the importance of customer orientation and goal setting: “Goals should be considered and set by all organizations, and then it is necessary to think what they mean online.


For example, target group thinking does not work in the same way online as it does offline: you do not think about which industry or which size of companies you want to target, instead you start with the needs that your target company has. Those needs are usually some kind of services and products. These needs cut across all different target groups, and traditional marketing targeting such as demographics, may not be able to determine what someone wants or needs. You need to know the customer; whether they are a municipal or corporate customer, you must understand what motivates them and what drives them.”

Looking at the future

How does Antti see digital marketing evolving? “There is already improvement on how companies and organizations are able to demand more from their marketing partners. The understanding of digital marketing is growing and the quality of the players is improving as well.

Mika Alapiessa co-founder of Snoobi Technology said:
"We are very happy with our partner Digiteam. Not only do they already have a deep knowledge of Snoobi Analytics, but they also understand the customer's need to have a broader picture about online marketing and the improvements it can bring than only the analytics metrics."