Traffic Flow analysis with Snoobi

Analyzing traffic flow on your website is important for several reasons.
It provides valuable insights that can help improve your site's performance, user experience, and overall success.
Snoobi's new generalized traffic analysis helps you understand how users interact with your website. It allows you to identify popular pages, entry and exit points, and the paths users take through your site. This information is crucial for optimizing content and improving user engagement.

Using the hub-and-spoke model

Utilizing a hub-and-spoke model to examine a website's 'funnel' means analysing how users progress from the initial access point on the website (hub) to their targeted objective (spoke).
Below are a number of guidelines for a systematic analysis of a website's funnel with Snoobi Analytics.

Identify Key Pages

Initiate from the main access point, frequently the front page.
Spokes are the crucial pages or stages that users navigate to transition through the funnel, such as product pages, cart, checkout, and confirmation. Realize that a user or visitor can have multiple tabs or windows open at the same time.
In Snoobi, analyse Landing Pages (Web Analytics | Content | Landing Pages)

Define Conversion Goals

Precisely delineate the primary objectives you want users to accomplish (for instance, making a purchase, signing up, or submitting a form, or download a white paper).
Allocate a numerical worth to each objective to assess its significance on your company.
In Snoobi, create Goal setting (Admin Settings: Content | Goals)

Fully set up Analytics

Make sure all pages and events are available in analytics to monitor user actions.
Utilize Snoobi's event tracking to capture particular activities such as clicking buttons and submitting forms. Also consider using Snoobi's session properties feature to add more data to the user session.
In Snoobi, use tracking on all pages, make use of the cookieless option and setup onclick events where needed.

Analyze Traffic Sources

Gain insights into the sources of your website traffic, including organic search, paid advertising, and social media. Review and assess conversion rates across various traffic sources.
Snoobi has specific panels for these analytics, add Rating groups to review 'soft' goal conversions.


User Flow Analysis

Pinpoint areas of user disengagement or high exit frequency.
In Snoobi, Select the pages panel then select the page and navigation flow from and to key pages that contribute to the goal conversions. Also review the panel with Exit pages

Conversion Rate Analysis

Examine the various elements that impact conversion rates, including website loading speed, user-friendliness, how significant is content.
In Snoobi, review the SEO-panel (in cooperation with Seobility) and Google Search console panels to review these elements.


Target your audience by location, language, type of organization and mobile or desktop use.
Snoobi has the ability to segment traffic on any combination of those. (Knowledgebase, search for 'Segment')

Mobile Optimization

Evaluate mobile user habits individually and adapt accordingly. But review if not most of your users use desktop and maintain their ease-of-use as well.
In Snoobi, Segment on mobile or desktop use to see the difference.