Analytics without cookies

Analyse 100% of all traffic! Snoobi announces a new method to capture analytics data without the need to set any type of cookies or other data storage that can be traced back to an individual.

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New in Snoobi: Analytics without cookies

Snoobi Analytics is now more secure and privacy-friendly, allowing website owners to collect and analyze user data without relying on cookies.
This means organizations can now collect data from visitors without placing 3rd party, 1st party or even session-only cookies on the user’s web browser. Thus there is no need for a cookie banner for analytics!

This is great news for any organization that needs to comply with the European GDPR and other international privacy regulations. Cookies are no longer required for data collection and analytics, and no server-side storage or any other form of personal identifiable information (PII) is kept.

As a great tool for privacy-enabled analytics, Snoobi Analytics allows for the fully anonymous tracking of website visitors.
This means that personal data is never collected or stored, eliminating the risk of data breaches or misuse of personal information.
Additionally, Snoobi Analytics provides a user-friendly interface for managing and controlling the collection of data, making it easy for organizations to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Options to use the new cookie setting in Snoobi Analytics

To enable our customers to fully utilize the new features, we have created the following options.

  • Information on how to set existing Snoobi code on websites to the new option.
    Cookies can now be set to ‘block’.
  • An update to our WordPress plugin that enables the new cookie-blocking option.
  • An update to the Privacy Manager (available to Snoobi Account Administrators) in Snoobi to request to enforce cookie options without the need to change any website setting.
  • A targeted, cost effective Support Program to assist organizations in the implementation of cookie-less analytics. This customized service option will assist your organization in the communication and any technical or analysis needs in cooperation with your legal or technical team. Contact us for more information, either as a support ticket or on our contact form.