Important update for Advertising metrics

Snoobi has an agressive release schedule to add functionality to the Snoobi Analytics report. The fact that we always maintain the raw data means that we can employ new data analytics techniques to improve your reporting also from older data. We also uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed in Snoobi's raw data. 

You are a client and need more help?

With this release, we are updating and expanding Snoobi's automatic recognition of advertising codes.

This update doesn't impact your previous settings, but allows for additional parameters both for the automatic ad recognizer as well as when you create a code manually.
By leveraging UTM codes or other Snoobi link coding and analyzing the data they provide, you will gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts. These insights allow you to make informed decisions, optimize your campaigns, and maximize your marketing efforts.

What is new and different in Advertising Recognizer?

  • The UTM code advertising parameter recognizer now also takes utm_term and utm_content into account
  • If not all required utm parameters (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) are present, Snoobi will automatically fill utm_source and utm_medium with 'unknown' (only English text) so you can still report on these advertisements
  • There are new panels to display the Advertisement term and Advertisement content values, these can be used in any report
  • Some settings are removed that no longer were necessary since more automation is done
  • We added the ability to segment (filter) also on Advertisement term and Advertisement content
  • You can now also add utm_term and utm_content when creating a manual ad and when creating an advertising link.

What else is new or changed?

  • Click on a Page name, and select to see the Navigation, what was the previous page and what was the next page users navigate to?
  • An additional metric in the list of url's gives you the page name for that url as well
  • Some bugs that were reported by clients were fixed and overall speed has improved.

Do you want to more about how to use UTM codes best and what they mean?