Update for Snoobi Analytics Mobile

This new release of Snoobi Analytics mobile includes a filter option on visit rating. Using rating groups in Snoobi Analytics allows multiple users of the same Snoobi account to view only the information relevant to them. In addition to displaying key analytics metrics, this feature also offers the unique capability to provide detailed information on the organizations visiting your website, including their names.

What is Snoobi Mobile?

Snoobi Mobile is a free companion app for Snoobi Analytics. It can be used as an easy mobile tool based on Snoobi Analytics to view important site metrics and to review names of visiting organizations.

A filter option on rating (visit score) enables users to only view the metrics and information relevant for them. As an example filter in visits from social media or through advertising, or only visits from existing clients.

Metrics are available per day, week or month and can be compared to a previous period. As a separate function, the names of organizations visiting your site can be viewed together with visit details and based on a filter to allow you to show only the most important organizations.

Snoobi Mobile is already in use by many customers to get immediate, ‘on the road’ mobile insight in what is happening on your website.

Read more about how to use Snoobi Mobile in our user guide

Snoobi Mobile can be used by any Snoobi user for free. It is currently in beta, meaning we are reviewing usage to determine if we are expanding or continuing.